Managing Director’s Message

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Roofmart Group, where you can find solutions for any of your construction requirement. Through a continuous and eventful journey since 2004, Roofmart is renowned for one of the fastest growing companies in Sri Lanka within a short span of time. Throughout these years, we have successfully invested in a wide geographical presence, a rich product portfolio and a flexible supply chain that together give us a competitive advantage on the edge. Today, Roofmart has been able to reach into a preeminent position in our market segment with fully operational manufacturing facilities island wide.

Progressively, more of our revenue and profits are being earned outside the local boundary with our significant presence in international markets offering us more opportunities for growth. Our recognition reflects our commitment in doing what it takes to have outstanding performances within both regional and international markets.

It is not only the products and services that paved the way for our distinctive success, but also the people. We are forever grateful to our valued customers whose continuous patronage and trust that inspired us in reaching these goals. The expertise and commitment of employees working interactively with our clients and service partners build our identity and uplift our self in meeting the needs of the market.

So far we have made an excellent progress, but there is more to do. We will continue our growth towards reaching sustainability by developing more integrated goals to meet outstanding benchmarks.

The website is the main window through which we share our business progress with you and I appreciate your time spent to explore about us. Whether you are a potential or an existing client, Roofmart will always have something to offer suiting your requirement.

Thank you.