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Roofmart grabbed the National Silver Award in the Extra Large Category in the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 event

Award 2016 Roofmart grabbed the National Silver Award in the Extra Large Category in the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 event and another Silver Award in the Extra Large Category at the same platform relevant to the North Western Province

Worldmart Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. Started operation on 1st March 2017

For Web Roofmart today proudly announced it would be diversifying her business in to Ceylon Tea, Spices, Cashew and Gem. Establishing another momentous for Roofmart Group, 1st of March 2017, Worldmart Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. (WMC), started her operation at no. 238, Werahara, Boralasgamuwa, Sri Lanka. The company, which prides itself on exporting unique product range for the world under the motto of ‘nature harvesting from Ceylon’.

ROOFMART gets nominated for the “Best Enterprise” title and the “Manager of the Year” title in EBA International Awards


Roofmart Pvt Ltd for its regional known for the quality of the goods and services it provides, has been evaluated by Socrates Nomination Committee and nominated for the “Best Enterprise”. For the strong position in the national market, business reputation and positive regional image, investment, attractiveness and competitiveness Roofmart has been nominated for the titles of “Best Enterprise” and “Manager of the Year”.

ROOFMART win CNCI Achievers Award of Industrial Excellence – 2016

CNCI Achiever Awards 2016 for Industrial Excellence organized by The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries was held for the 15th consecutive year and Roofmart was able to be awarded with a Merit Award in Extra Large Category.


15 Years of Warranty with Superior Quality – Warranty Extended

Roofmart extends its period of warranty for 15 years of time for AZ 150 and AZ 200 with thicknesses of 0.40mm and 0.47mm HITEN materials.


Always check for the quality.


Roofmart introduces new roofing solutions to Sri Lanka, Velvet Roofing

Roofmart introduces a new type of roofing to the Sri Lankan market in the name of RMI Velvet Roofing. This roofing type provides an excellent appearance to the construction requirements with its attractive and luxurious gestures.

Velevet Roofing

Roofmart opens a new factory in Meepe

Roofmart announces their new factory opening at Meepe, Sri Lanka. With the high demand in the industry, Roofmart has been expanded for the purpose of serving their customers around the island with better services.


Roofmart export first consignment to Seychelles

Roofmart has sent their first consignment to Seychelles as their first attempt in touching the African Continent. Roofmart has already set their footprint in many other Asian countries and this is their first attempt in moving to Africa.