Glass Wool Insulation

RMI Glass Wool rolls are manufactured from stable glass fibers bonded with thermosetting resins, which make them light in weight, strong, resilient and easy to handle. The most common applications of our product is for thermal or acoustic insulations of roofs and walls. RMI Glass Wool is available with a variety of facings to suit various applications and also it can be found un-faced.

RMI Building Rolls are available un-faced or with a variety of facings to suit the applications: white vinyl, FSK, metalized polyester, kraft paper and glass tissue.
Standard Dimensions


  • Efficient thermal insulation qualities
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reducing fluctuations of temperature in buildings
  • Helps create a safer work environment
  • Improves personal comfort and efficiency
  • Acoustic insulation qualities
  • Helps reduce noise pollution
  • No absorption of moisture from the atmosphere and a neutral pH
  • No risk of harmful chemicals leaching from the product or corrosion
  • Light weight and easy to install
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