Bubble Packaging

Bubble wrap is one of today’s most popular packing materials. It provides excellent protection for shipping of storing fragile, breakable goods. It is polyethylene resin or transparent plastic film. It uses evenly distributed air cushions, in the form of air bubbles trapped between two films of clear plastic to offer shock and vibration protection during transport. The bubbles vary in size depending on the size and fragility of the item. Generally, small bubble wrap is used for small items like electronics and glassware, while large bubble wrap is used for larger items like furniture.

Our brands of Bubble wrap coming as Super Ultra Bubble and Super Extreme Bubble, has its properties and benefits separately. Some of the common properties and uses of wrapping with our product are;

  • Light weight – reduces freight and packaging cost
  • Transparent – enabling visual inspections of the product
  • Moisture resistant
  • Protecting surface against abrasion
  • Easy to use
  • Remarkable insulation properties
  • Elastic

The product comes in various thicknesses and lengths. According to the requirements of the customers, the product can be customized.

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