RMI Steel Decking

Roofmart structural decking system is an innovative high strength Zinc coated steel decking system design for use, in the construction of composite floor slabs. It is specially developed for the construction industry and is one of the most economical structural decking in the country. Roofmart floor deck is suitable for typical application as it provides widest cover per weight of steel and also minimizes the requirement for reinforcement. It acts as a permanent formwork for a composite concrete slab, in which it’s assemble state can be used as a working platform as well as a formwork to support wet concrete, contraction material and trades. When the concrete hardens, it acts as the bottom tensile reinforcement.

Roofmart deck is a complete structural steel decking system for concrete, masonry and steel frame construction and has an exceptional composite performance.

RMI structural decking system is an innovative ‘W’ profile structural decking system. It brings great economical and design solutions and excellent spanning capacities that ensure greater strength and less defection.

Dimensions and Properties

Section Properties ( Per Meter Width )

Steel Decking1.1

Cross Section – Steel Deck

Maximum unpropped Span for SDP-51 deck plate of the following Thicknesses

Steel Decking1.2

Shear Studs

Shear studs are typically used in composite steel construction to tie the concrete to steel members and resist shear forces between the slab and steel members. They are widely used in steel buildings, bridges, etc because of its versatile, quick and one step fastening system. Welding through metal deck is available for this stud, for this option, special ceramic ferrule type UFT is recommended. There are two different types of stud welding methods for fixing welding studs as capacitor discharge and drawn arc.

Steel Decking1.3


Roofmart shear connectors and welding studs correspond to BS EN ISO 13918 standards. For studs dimensions please refer to the enclosed dimension tables.

Note: The length of the shear connectors are stated as length before welding since the burn off length offer welding to bare metal welding through metal deck, etc. The length of other DA type welding stud is stated as length after welding.

Steel Decking1.4

Steel Decking1.5

Steel Decking1.6

Surface Treatment

Usually our drawn arc welding studs will be supplied in plain condition and our appropriate package can provide basic antirust requirement including the availability of phosphate plating for shear connectors upon your request.


The threads of welding studs are cold rolled with tolerance limit of 6g.


All Roofmart shear connectors and drawn arc welding studs M8 and greater have a solid flux load and appropriate aluminum ball insert into the center of the studs tips. In order to obtain consistent welding quality, the appropriate high quality flux is an essential factor.

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